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What Makes a Great Time Tracking App?

I'm pretty sure they are working on that though. Thank God I found this thread. A bazillion thanks to commenters. You may want to check out my app Timing for Mac. It's not free, but if you are making money as a freelancer it should be well worth it. It's different from other time trackers in that it automatically tracks all the time you spend in different apps. You can then later assign that time to your projects and even extend the data.

Makes your time tracking way more accurate than any manual time tracker! And of course you can export the data for invoicing: Our free plan lets you track multiple projects, add notes, export your data to CSV and send it via email with only a few clicks. Designer News is a large, global community of people working or interested in design and technology. Get in touch. I need help. Log in. Join Us Designer News is where the design community meets. Register now. It automatically begins a new timer when you start working on a different task, and you can always adjust the time later.

You can also connect Klok to other time-tracking apps, such as Harvest and Freshbooks more on them later , for added functionality. Other Klok functions include timesheets that can be exported, generation of invoices and dashboard reporting. You can track team time sheets, set timers and time limits, or handle accounting tasks from the Freshbooks desktop widget. You want to make the process of tracking your time as effortless as possible.

To get more insight into how you spend your time, give Timing a try. It runs around the clock. Its interface is nothing to write home about, but it makes up for its appearance with several handy features. Like its Quick Access option. When you need a break, want to switch projects, or would like to stop timing, just open the menu again and select the relevant option.

Fanurio is a budget-friendly option for freelancers and small teams. Fanurio also gives you a couple different ways to track your time. Of course, you can open up the app to control the timer, but you can also start and stop it using the drop-down menu in your menu bar or the icon in your dock icon menu. Handily, the Fanurio badge in your dock icon menu will display how much time has elapsed.

To help you stay on top of things, Fanurio reminds you to start, pause, or stop your timer based on your regular work patterns. Most time tracking apps are focused on the present: But Timely is all about the future.

First you schedule your work, then you log your time. Timely integrates with most calendar tools, so your meeting will automatically show up in the app. When you begin your Skype session, click the Timely entry to start tracking your time. When the meeting is over, click it again to end tracking.

Top 5 Time-Tracking Mac Apps for Freelancers

First, you use an estimate tool, then you switch to a time tracker, then you switch to an invoice generator, and finally, you log into your payment app. Toggl supports a number of export options. Paid plans also includes time audits that can help you find misplaced time entries long durations, etc. One of the cool things about Toggl is its third-party support. As great as a product may be, price can often make or break its usefulness.

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The free plan offers a lot of features that will cover you if you just need basic time tracking. If you need detail reporting and project management, the pro options might be useful to you. Overall, Toggl is fantastic. It finds a great balance of powerful features, but remains simple, and its pricing model is fair.

More Mac time tracking tools

The free version will cover a lot of people, but the paid plans offer enough to make them useful. If you are in the market for a time tracking tool, be sure to check it out. Harvest Harvest , one of the more well-known brands in this space, came in a close second.

Time-Tracking Mac Apps for Freelancers – Best Of

Toggl shined brighter in a few areas, and they also offer a free plan. From a design point of view, Harvest has clearly put a lot of resources into the design of their apps. Similar to Toggl, the Mac app is more of a basic timer than anything. Harvest comes with many more tools than Toggl. It can manage expenses and actually invoice clients as well.

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  4. On the web, you have full access to the platform. You can start timers, build new projects, add clients, etc. On the iOS side, you can start timers, build projects, and add clients. Overall, I found Harvest extremely easy to use. The time tracking aspect allows you to get to work without a lot of taps.

    Mac Time Tracking App Reviews Summary

    The platform feels very mature, and I can tell they take pride in the overall user experience. Harvest works on iOS , the web, Mac , and Android. At this time, there is no Windows app, but they have extensions for Chrome and Safari. Harvest supports a full range of options for clients, projects, and tasks.

    You can build individual tasks under projects and bill different rates depending on the task admin, project management, development, etc. This feature is really well done! Exporting from Harvest is similar to Toggl. Cost is one area where Toggl especially shines over Harvest. However, After some digging, I found a free plan. It includes 2 projects, 4 clients, and unlimited invoices.

    Harvest does offer a lot more features than Toggl outside of time tracking, so take that under consideration depending on your needs. Hours is another popular option. With an iOS app and a web app, it aims to be a complete time tracking tool.

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