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Lightning in a Bottle is on the Move in 12222

Wizzle is a obamanation to music… I would rather listen to Nikki minaj than anything weezy has produced in the last 3night months.. Lil weezy is weak on a sk8board. Real talk… give up entertainment and go get a job at bojangles dwayne. These haters amuse me lmao get off this site u punk bastards stop waisting yo life hatin and do sumthin to make music better..

In the video. That was awesome: YMCMB is the truth. Wayne is 1!!! All I see is a long overdue mediocre video to a less than mediocre track that little Wayne produced only so he could try to outdo drake. Do u hear what im saying?

Who is the woman at the beginning of the motto video by drake?

Besides its obvious that neither weezy nor his bs record label can hang with the greats like jz or eminem so to all the slutty female supporters out there and mindless nigs who bulb weezy f baby in there daddys cars go find urself a dread headed bf and stop dreaming on this site that goes for the males too. Cheetah northface, green rain boots, and mc hammer clothing. What the hell are they thinking?

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  • Video: Drake f. Lil Wayne and Tyga, “The Motto”.

YMCMB is starting to look like a bunch of clowns. Im a little white boy and i suck lil waynes dick every day he is the best rapper on the planet and yes i also listen to eminem gay z and gay fish nas or andre but wayne is the best.

Video: Drake f. Lil Wayne and Tyga, “The Motto” | The FADER

One last comment. Shady said it best..

  • Drake – The Motto (Feat Lil Wayne & Tyga) [Music Video].
  • Watch Drake Do Mac Dre’s Thizz Dance In Oakland On Summer Sixteen Tour.
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Its a free country douche. Its people like u that defense his dick that make me rite tho. Cuz u know wanes a bullshitter? Lil Wayne not a fool.. He wearing that to piss off haters after the criticism lately. And those who are saying he will done soon.. Keep dreaming!! Dude is not going anywhere not anytime soon lol YM. Evryone who is talking about his boots…. Thats what he wants you to do. He wants ppl to talk about him. U rlly think he wore those because he thought they wwre fashionable?

I dnt think so.

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  • Drake - The Motto (feat. Lil Wayne).

Stop talking about him if u dont like him.. Then mayb he wont be as famous.. Watch wayne stans go run and get them a pair of bright green homo thug uggs or whatever them shits are. Even the hiphop rock style in , but not this..

New Video: Drake Ft. Lil Wayne x Tyga “The Motto”

Anyway, i got love and respect for that dude for what he done allready. Alright fuck the haters. Stop getting on this site to talk shit pussies. They put Tyga in the video.! An yea the boots probably cost a grip but does that make it ok to wear? So Wayne could wear high heels once they cost a lot of money? You lil stans is mad? Uggs stock probably just shot through the roof thanks to you fag swag stans. I swear haters just love talking shit about when weez kissed stunna..


Really though? Yo Wayne is not shitting on jay jay not even going hard sure Wayne out sold them but c4 is garbage all I hear playing is wtt songs how does Wayne run hip hop? How could Wayne be the best rapper alive? I wish somebody dissed Wayne, maybe it would turn him back into that mixtape monster. Nigga first of all no mood musik mixtape is wack 2nd send him our love is on mm3 I said mm4 and 4.

You probably too dumb to catch what he says. On mm4.

Drake Brings Out Mac Dre's Mom (Mac Wanda) During Summer Sixteen Tour Oakland

Are you fucking serious kill your self Joe kills Wayne anyday nigga one of his songs could body the whole c4 shit his remember the titans verse could body that whole album and s4tw. Anonymous says: Jacob says: Wednesday, December 21, Young Boy,Old Soul says: G-Roc says: Jaymalls says: KILLA says: Sean C. Michelle says: Kunta Kente says: Loaded says: Brutally Honest says: D mane says: Nova says: Dre's Ass says: Joeycrack says: Thursday, December 22, CHAZZ says: Thursday, December 22, 1: ArtsTrueForm says: Black Shady says: Get em says: Thursday, December 22, 2: Collar Cali says: Money and Power says: TH says: Thursday, December 22, 6: ZoomZoomDad-Otis says: Thursday, December 22, 7: Luks says: Thursday, December 22, 8: Cali says: Sayit says: Real nigga says: Cadet says: Thank God I'm Fresh says: Thursday, December 22, 3: T says: TheCool says: Thursday, December 22, 5: Captain REVO!

Friday, December 23, 1:

mac dres mom in the motto video Mac dres mom in the motto video
mac dres mom in the motto video Mac dres mom in the motto video
mac dres mom in the motto video Mac dres mom in the motto video
mac dres mom in the motto video Mac dres mom in the motto video
mac dres mom in the motto video Mac dres mom in the motto video

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