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Installing Metasploit Framework on Mountain Lion and Mavericks

Here are the contents: IPv4 local connections: Not a directory find: Not a directory update 5: No such file or directory though, I did do this: How did you install Postgres? Did you use a package manager or a manual installation? D Thanks dude!

Start manually: Are there any error messages in the server. Check the output of the following commands to determine which package manager it was installed with: Ramy Did the touch succeed?

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It should be rw for your userid. Your installation may be corrupt and it may be faster to clean up and re-install using a known source such as Homebrew. Why is all this necessary? Why can't you just start postgres the way you start node? This still works but is a little out of date. The answer below brew services start postgresql is a more up to date, and straightforward answer.

If you want to manually start and stop postgresql installed via homebrew , the easiest way is: I wish I knew about brew services sooner This works after initdb has been successfully run. Otherwise it silently fails but appears to have worked, with the service showing as started in brew services list.


This was also the solution for me, but I didn't see that anyone posted it here, so for those who are looking for it: This is what worked for me as well. Another approach is using lunchy gem a wrapper for launchctl: Can you please give a more detailed explanation why we should delete postmaster. This answer saved my bacon And then?

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I kept getting "Please log in using, e. The postgres tools' suggestions to use su fail miserably.

Installing Metasploit Framework in OS X

Markus Amalthea Magnuson. Homebrew itself has simple wrappers for these commands, e. Throw a -v on the end and you can see what it's doing. To start the postgresql server: Run an App, and the server is up and running.

Manually Start PostgreSQL:

Close the App, and the server goes down. To have launchd start postgresql at login: You can add alias into your. For a quick disposable test database you can run the server in the foreground. Initialize a new postgres database in a new directory mkdir db initdb db -E utf8 createdb public Start the server in the foreground ctrl-C to stop the server postgres -d db In another shell session, connect to the server psql -d public.

This seems great but doesn't work for me - it wasn't the server to already be running in order to do the createdb step. What am I missing? I have same problem and perform all updates from first post. But after check log file: I wish. Do you have an updated set of instructions for Mountain Lion? I cannot seem to locate this plist file any longer… Sorry, relatively new to ML!

Mac OS X Server Postgres has a number of commands that can be used to interact with databases. The most important is probably psql. Any time you want to invoke psql with a different user than the user you are currently logged in as, use the -U option. To see all of the tables, use d: Run the help command to see a list of SQL commands that can be run and? For example, to restore collab: You can also connect to Postgres remotely, or locally through a network socket common in Apache uses by adding a listener. First, back up the file, just in case: One nice thing about most of these is that they help you to form SQL queries or they help me.

start postgres mac mountain lion Start postgres mac mountain lion
start postgres mac mountain lion Start postgres mac mountain lion
start postgres mac mountain lion Start postgres mac mountain lion
start postgres mac mountain lion Start postgres mac mountain lion
start postgres mac mountain lion Start postgres mac mountain lion

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