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Holy Moly! I could list all the models I'm adding, but it's basically and My newish-job at Twitter keeps me pretty busy, but I've been hacking away as time allows, and am finally up to date, with a number of small corrections as well. Thanks to all the folks who have emailed to check in and make sure I'm still here. I intend to keep the site up, running, and mostly current for the forceable future, though I'll probably continue to be a few months behind most of the time.

I've also been working on a larger structural update to the site, which didn't make the cut for this release, but I hope to get out by the end of the year along with whatever new machines get released in the interim. Happy one month after New Year! Added the Late models and the iPad. Made more smallish, not all that apparent under-the-hood changes. Within hours of launching the comparison feature I managed to break it in attempt to fix bookmarking which had been broken for comparison pages.

Both work now. Thanks Matthias! Boy oh boy, it's been a while, hasn't it? Nearly a year! I'm not dead, I haven't forgotten about or given up on the site, and I do intend to bring it up to date and improve it over time. Now that we've gotten that out of the way: As proof that all that pretty much invisible under-the-hood work was worth something, I've added a new feature, which allows you to compare up to four models side by side.

Every model page now has a pull-down menu listing all other models, and a "compare" button. Once you get past the initial annoyance at the list being so darn long, it's easy as pie! In addition to yet another round of corrections, I've also updated a bunch of the images for older models, thanks to the very generous folks at Old Computers a really great collection of 70's and 80's computers and Todo Apple Blog. I figure We've got a few weeks before the site goes out of date again, so enjoy!

Made some significant structural improvements under the hood, and made a few spec corrections. I'm hoping to have time to catch on new models sometime soonish. Made a few small corrections. Happy Thanksgiving! Just in time to be out of date again tomorrow, I finally managed to find the time to get the site updated. In addition to a round of generally corrections and minor site-tweaks, I added the following models, in no particular order: I'll try to find some time later this week to add the various new MacBooks everyone expects tomorrow, and in general I'm going to try to make more, smaller updates, rather than giant, monolythinc ones that take me two full days of work to put together.

I know you've heard it all before, but I mean it this time.


List of Macintosh models by case type - Wikipedia

That said, life keeps me awfully busy these days, so please do keep in mind that while I will always add new models eventually, it might take a while. In the meantime, have a look at the odd gallery entries, and see if that won't keep you busy. I had planned to make content updates today, but I ended up working on the guts of the site instead, and ran out of time. I've made a number of under-the-hood changes to improve query performance and to make future updates easier.

I've also added a few small features:. The long weekend finally gave me a free day to work on the site, and I think we're all caught up now. Assuming the various iPod rumors are true, I'll try to add new iPods next weekend, after they have been properly announced. No, I haven't stopped updating the site, but I have been extremely busy with my "real" job over the past few months. I do plan on adding the various missing new models at some point, when things quiet down.

In the meantime, take a deep breath, look at the Apple ][e or the Mac TV to calm yourself down, and then go look at the current apple machines on Apple's website. Added the new iPod nano and shuffle , new iMac , Mac Pro , updated the iPod video and the mac mini , made a few minor corrections.

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I haven't forgotten the Xeon-based Xserve, I'm just waiting until it actually ships to include specs. Added the U2 iPod video , made a few small corrections, added del. Added the new MacBook , made a few smallish corrections and additions. Thanks to all of those who have contacted me in the past week to wish the site a happy 10th birthday. Added the 17" MBP , made a few corrections.

Appendix B: Silicon Technology

On Sunday, apple-history. Thanks to all who have supported the site, and thanks to all of you who helped me to keep it accurate. Here's to the next 10 years! Added OS Made few more under-the-hood performance improvements. Added a note in the FAQ about the Pippen. Added an RSS feed of recent changes so you can find out immediately when I update the site twice a year.

Added some code to catch old, broken links from when the site was a flat html site and forward them to the appropriate place. Everything seems to have settled down. If you used the contact form yesterday, please do it again today. I expect it to get worked out in the next 24 hours, so please try again in a day or so if you need to use the contact form.

Also noted the addition of the 1GB iPod nano and the iPod shuffle price drops, and made a number of small corrections. I started a new job in August, and it takes up quite a bit of my time, and keeping up with Apple product announcements has been difficult. I expect the next few months to be very interesting, and will try to stay on top of things as Apple moves the rest of its line to Intel. Thanks for being patient. Added the eMac speed-bump from May. Waiting for an official announcement on apple's site to add the upgraded mac minis.

While not much has changed on the client-side, there have been significant changes "under the hood. What does this mean to you? Probably not a lot, but it means that the I can continue to host the site without resorting to getting my own dedicated server. There are some small UI improvements as well: Every page now has a "bookmark this page" link, which if bookmarked will result in the entire UI being loaded as opposed to just the main content frame when that bookmark is used. Specs are now broken down by category, which should make them easier to read.

The site download is once again available as well. Of course, I've also added all machines announced since the last update, and made a bunch of minor corrections as well. Thanks again for your patience during the past few months. Finishing school took up a lot more of my time than I had hoped it would. Hopefully the new back-end will make more frequent updates more plausible for me.

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I found a job. Thanks to those who helped out. Had some server trouble today. Apparently the site was using too many resources to run MySQL queries, so my host disabled my account. We're back up and running, but for now I'm using the flat version of the site used on mirrors and for the site download. As a result, many of the little UI featuers--such as different ordering of the machine list, the site download, and notably the noframes option--are missing until I can figure out how to better optimize the SQL code.

I'm in my last quarter of school, and am as busy as ever, so it will probably be at least a few weeks. And yes, I know I'm behind on the latest models. I appreciate your patience as I get this squared away. The site will be up in its current hobbled form until I can figure out the next move. If you are interested, please have a look at my resume and my way.

Specifically, I need HD sizes for many of the entries. I have made significant changes to the gallery: I have also added the 10 or so servers to the list of machines. Also I have made minor updates to the history and bibliography pages. I had to have hand surgury again on friday, so I can't type too well at the moment, but I pleasw check back soon, as there will be an important update as soon as my hand can type it. I am pleased to announce that thanks to the arduous effort of Christophe Gravereau there is now a fully-functional French Translation of this site!

This allows for a smaller header. The designer of the Cube, Jonathan Ive, won several international awards for its design. Image by Apple. This diminutive computer only measured 6. It weighed in at 2. The PowerBook was a result of a collaboration between Sony and Apple — Sony miniaturized the parts for Apple for the The and the are the first PowerBooks completely designed by Apple. This precursor to the MacBook Air was a subnotebook that interfaced with larger storage media either through a docking port or through cables. Personal digital assistant designed for classroom use and based on the Newton engine.

The Wallstreet model , pictured above, marked the last use of the rainbow-coloured Apple logo. The PowerBook G3 was a built-to-order laptop which allowed users to customize what they wanted on the machine. The first generation of the iBook featured a clamshell design and wireless networking.

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Many design advances were incorporated into this complete redesign, including the L-Shaped hinge for the screen and a slim-line design. A slot loading drive and a lack of translucent design characterized this release of the iBook. Aluminum was used for the first time in this incarnation of the PowerBook. Johnathan Ive, the same award-winning product designer responsible for the Cube, designed this PowerBook. The aluminum standard by which all others are measured. In the case of the current MacBrook Pro, each case is constructed out of a single block of aluminum.

The MacBook Air was launched with a famous commercial that involved it being packaged up and shipped in an envelope. The latest version of the MacBook brings the aluminum case previously reserved for the Pro line into the regular MacBook. This keyboard represents the golden age of Apple keyboards for many fans. The large spaces between keys and the general feel of the board made it very popular.

When it was originally introduced it was available in a clear case with black keys.

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Image by 2aday. The current Apple keyboard features an aluminum enclosure and is the first since the Apple IIe keyboard to remove the Apple logo from the Command key. While the Macintosh is responsible for making the computer mouse part of our everyday reality, it was actually an adaptation of the mouse designed for the Lisa and was not the first mouse used by Apple. This mouse removed the contrasting colours featured on the Macintosh mouse and also offered support for gaming devices such as joysticks. Also not listed are model numbers that identify software bundles.

History of Apple Computer Models

For example, the Performa CD and CD differed only in software and were identical to the Power Macintosh , so only the is listed below. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article includes a list of references , but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

30 years in 33 photos: A visual history of the Apple Mac

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. See also: Apple portal. Retrieved Apple hardware. MacBook family —present Air Pro. A series bit: S3 bit: S4 W series bit: W1 W2 W3 T series bit: S1 S1P S2 T series bit: Retrieved from " https: Macintosh computers Computing timelines Apple Inc. Hidden categories:

history of mac computers models History of mac computers models
history of mac computers models History of mac computers models
history of mac computers models History of mac computers models
history of mac computers models History of mac computers models
history of mac computers models History of mac computers models
history of mac computers models History of mac computers models
history of mac computers models History of mac computers models

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