Mind map apps for mac

1. iMindMap

Editor selection and deletion are also supported while invitations to edit can also be sent through email. Finally, not only are you able to publish your diagrams to any Webpage, but you can also use social media platforms to push them. Learn more Creately benefits in our detailed review of the solution. Creately also has a free plan that can support up to 5 diagrams and 3 collaborators. Cacoo is a cloud-based diagram software for companies, small teams, and individuals.

It enables users to create professional different kinds of mind maps, such as diagrams, flowcharts, wireframes. Features include multi-user editing, in-app commenting, social media sharing, and revision history tracking, among others. Cacoo has been getting major upgrades, making mind mapping not only easier but an enjoyable task. Its dashboard now sports that modern look and feel, with colors designed to keep users focused on their work. Icons have been redesigned to be both simple yet more understandable.

Its user interface has been modified as all the tools are you need are now conveniently scattered across the canvas. Its support for collaboration has also been enhanced with in-app commenting now an available option. Read our detailed review of the platform for more Cacoo details. Coggle is an online application built to support collaborative mind map making. Great for taking notes, brainstorming and planning, this platform can streamline workflows, facilitate faster learning, and promote overall productivity.

You can ask your team members to work with you on diagrams.

2. MindNode

You get to view previous versions of diagrams you are working on, making it easy for you to make changes when needed by creating copies. Add all the ima ges that you want as the system does not limit the number of images that can be added. Aside from images, you can also add text to your diagrams, which is very useful for annotating portions of your diagram.

The system allows you to make as many diagrams as you can, which can be accessed even after you discontinue your subscription. However, the best attribute of the software is the fact that it has a free plan, making it possible to use its basic features free of charge. More Coggle features can be found in our review of the product. Coggle is completely free for those who will be handling a maximum of 3 private diagrams at a time. For larger companies, quote-based pricing is available.

Mind mapping solution Mindjet MindManager is a world-renowned mind mapping software offering powerful content building tools. Lucidchart is an online diagram creation application created for all business sizes. Preferred by companies like Amazon, Adobe, and DocuSign, this platform lets users create a wide range of data presentations. From simple flowcharts to complex technical diagrams, it has all the tools you need to build visually pleasing content without hassle.

It can even integrate with various tools to make your user experience more convenient. Lucidchart has features that resulted from its integration with a variety of third-party apps. This functionality allows you to share data in the form of diagrams and flowcharts, processes and ideas—all from a single solution. You can find an informative Lucidchart overview by reading our review of the app. Lucidchart offers a free plan that includes collaboration tools of the software.

Mindomo is an application that aims to turn information into knowledge for teachers, students, businesses, and corporate agencies. It is an all-in-one platform that enables users to create mind maps, concept maps, and outlines to enhance the way they absorb and retain new data. Offering a complete suite of mind mapping tools, this software also integrates with a number of third-party business and education applications. Another thing to like about Mindomo is that it is perfect for teachers and students, offering them the ability to customize assignments, access to student maps and set up student groups, among many others.

The app can also be utilized for brainstorming sessions by making use of concept maps. Students can easily convert maps into presentations, allowing them to demonstrate how they are developed. You can create and edit your mind maps from any Android device and iPad even while offline.

It lets you monitor all changes in student maps, including new connections, additional topics, videos, and images. Read our review of the platform to find more Mindomo details. MindMup is a free mind mapping software that is completely web-based. Offering a frictionless interface for structure writing, this platform is great for note-taking and collaborative planning.

It facilitates collaboration as well as boosts productivity for students, entrepreneurs, and other individuals. It has more functionalities that are bound to benefit your mind mapping efforts. You have the option to customize your maps as the solution comes with a number of pre-built visual themes, which work pretty well on screen. You can attach both Google drive files and those with textual content. Its interface is as intuitive as ever, allowing you to accelerate workflow.

A single top toolbar hosts all key functionalities, which can be easily accessed when needed. More MindMup features can be found by checking out our detailed review of the system. XMind is a brainstorming application specializing in mind mapping. Used by startups and fortune companies alike, this platform is accessible across all devices for your idea organization needs.

Whether you need to make a standard mind map, a timeline, a venn diagram, or any other type of visual learning structure, this program can give you the tools to do them. This system even supports different types of formats, making it easy to share on multiple platforms. This way, you get to have outlines that you can read, edit and analyze, resulting in logical content. To make you better focus on mind mapping, the vendor has introduced Dark Mode, making work a lot easier on your eyes.

This enables you to capture every idea that pops into your mind as capturing and visualizing them becomes easy. If you want a detailed XMind overview , check out our review of the software. XMind currently offers two products with different pricing plans: It offers a comprehensive set of tools for designing and building mind maps that can illustrate your thought process. For instance, the software now has the ability to import files that are in SVG format on both PC and Mac while being able to better organize task lists.

Speaking of tasks, the solution makes the creation of split and recurring tasks quickly, making project management a breeze. Lastly, hyperlinks can be edited with the system, which can also export data to MS Project and import Calendar app events. It is also available in some of the bundles that ConceptDraw offers.


The best mind mapping app

Scapple is a basic mind map creator that is great for taking notes and grouping thoughts together. Whether you want to jot down your late night musings or organize your business ideas with colleagues, this system can provide you with all the tools you need. Another thing to like about Scapple is its ability to allow you to assign connections to your notes, making it possible to toy with ideas more freely.

Making such connections is easy as the tool comes with drag-and-drop functionality. Note creation is likewise made easy by the app, all it takes is a couple of clicks. You can place your notes anywhere in the canvass or move them around when needed. Other notable features include note grouping, background shape creation, note customization, and full-screen mode, among many others. More Scapple benefits can be found in our review of the software.

This is available for both Mac and Windows products. Its Web-based deployment makes Bubble. Mindmaps can be saved as image files, making them easy to share and access. Collaboration is also not a problem as the software allows you to work with colleagues, share files and even brainstorm on ideas. Mind maps can easily be turned into presentations, all it takes is a single click of a mouse. Also, you need not to be in the office to be able to create and edit your mind maps as the system can be accessed from virtually anywhere, supporting both desktop and mobile devices.

Find out more about Bubbl. While the features of this software are limited to basic mind mapping, the great part about Bubbl. Mind mapping software Mind42 is an online mind mapping application that you can use completely free of charge. Often used to create to-do lists, brainstorm ideas, or organize events, this software is handy in helping you build, publish, and share mind maps with ease.

Best Free Mind Mapping Software for Windows & Mac! (Edraw MindMaster)

You also get added security as mind maps generated by the platform are inherently private. However, if you choose to do so, you may share your mind maps with colleagues. But most important. It is equipped with an easy-to-use side panel, extensive icon and image libraries, basic integrations to third-party applications, as well as comprehensive map editing tools.

6 Free Mind Map Apps for Mac to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Find more iMindMap features in our review of the product. Popplet is a visual organization tool that is built for iPads and the Internet. Handy for work, for school, and for personal use, this software can help you take class notes, brainstorm, process charts, organize travel plans, make portfolios, and many more.

This system has a free version called Popplet Lite but it can only support one board. A comprehensive Popplet overview can be found in our review of the solution. Transforming your business ideas into reality is not as complicated as it seems when you have mind mapping applications at your disposal.

Whether you opt for one with basic chart creation options or one with integrated content organization solutions, these software solutions can help you create actionable plans that can drive the success of your company. Hopefully, through our list of top 20 mind map software, you were able to find options that fit well with your preferences and business requirements.

Of course, Freemind is obviously the top choice but you should first evaluate the tool and see if it fits you. If you are looking for other productivity solutions for your company, be sure to check out our list of top project management platforms as well as our compilation of the best collaboration software. Mind mapping software presents users with benefits that result in huge work improvements. These tools have been found to resolve complicated business concerns while promoting productivity and creativity, which gives users an edge over the competition.

Here are some of them: Increased productivity. Mind mapping tools have been found to increase executive productivity by 20 to 30 percent. This is an accepted fact that most software vendors take pride in. Time savings. Improved creativity. Idea presentation. Many users say that mind mapping solutions significantly help them in presenting their ideas. Mail will not be published. Website optional. You can use these tags: It is packed with features and yet is so simple that even a child can get started. The branches are colour-coded and contain text input. You can attach images, videos, links, and notes.

The best part is that attachments even the videos open in a pop-up window hence they do not require you to leave the app. When you are in the idea capture tab, there are no distractions. You just type and hit enter to capture an idea and repeat the process until you are done. There is also an inbuilt tab where you can brainstorm to come up with new ideas.


It looks like a board with sticky notes attached to it. You can create sticky notes and move them between different categories. All in all, this is the best Mind mapping tool you can buy today. None of the others come even close to it when it comes to functionality and features. The only negative I could find about this software is its load time. It takes a few second to load up when you launch it, however, after it loads there is no lag what-so-ever. A premium product like this commands a premium price. MindNode If you want a software which will not put a hole in your pocket and yet can fulfill most of your needs, MindNode is the one for you.

It has a beautiful UI and works buttery smooth. If you are just starting out, MindNode will help you learn the basics of the mind mapping technique without in your face instructions. It also has iCloud sync and an app for iPad and iPhone. Its interface is designed in such a way that you are not losing much functionality even if you are using it on mobile devices. The nodes are foldable hence allowing to create a large mind mapping tree without being overwhelmed by the data.

For me, it provides the best value for money on this list. XMind XMind got itself on this list due to its theming capability. Of course, it does everything a mind mapping software is supposed to do. You can create mind maps, attach photos, links, and notes. It also allows you to directly share your mind maps to your Evernote account. You can choose from pre-formatted templates or you can create you own from scratch.

You can change the theme of your mind maps at any given time. There are dozens of themes to chose from and each one looks better than the other. If you like theming, give it a go. It also has a free version, however, it is fairly restricted. You are only allowed to create maps and you can neither save nor share them. You can read the full details in the link below. Mindomo Mindomo, like other apps on this list, does everything a mind mapping software is required to do. It also has theming capabilities like XMind. Since it is available for both Android and iOS , you can be sure that you will have your mind maps with you all the time no matter which mobile OS you use.

The only thing that holds Mindomo back is its pricing strategy. It follows a subscription based payment which is always a pain. SimpleMind SimpleMind, as it name suggests, is a very easy to use software which gets the job done. It also has a iOS client and cloud sync. It has a very colourful UI which is pleasant to look at. It does not have any complex features and the sync is almost instant allowing to hand over your work between Mac and iPhone.

The best part is that it also has a free version which is as powerful as the paid one.

1. SimpleMind

The only big missing feature is that there is no cloud support for the free version hence you cannot sync your maps across devices. The Brain The Brain is a mind mapping software which is not suitable for the average user. This is for someone who wants to use mind mapping for business. It has a lot of inbuilt mind mapping templates dedicated to different aspects of business such as marketing, operations and much more.

The best feature of this app is its nesting ability. It is far superior to any other apps on this list when its come to nesting. Hence, you can create a large multi-layered mind map without being overwhelmed. It also has very good organisational tools. As mentioned, the app specifically targets businesses and it is also priced like one. If you need a great brainstorming, idea mapping and organisational tool for business, look nowhere else. For an average user, it is too costly and too complex to be used. MindJet MindManager This software is probably one of the first mind mapping software ever built.

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