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TableNinja II. All of the major online pokersites are supported by PokerTracker 4! The PokerTracker Blog. Posted 5 years 46 weeks ago. Answering The Question: Profile Select: Added Zoom support for new combined PokerStars. ES and PokerStars. FR Fixed: Hand History Viewer: Fixed antes incorrectly displaying as zero. Fixed invalid rake, pot size errors and all-in hands from the blinds for an older iPoker hand history format.

Powerful poker HUD software. Optimise your online poker game. Exploit your opponents' weaknesses.

Worked around missing information in hand histories when a player is forced all-in which caused an invalid rake error. Fixed fastforward support for the partypoker client update. NJ Borgata: Fixed lobby detection. Fixed re-entry cost not including the cost of the bounty. Added support for French only cash game tables. Winamax MacOS: Site Detection: Improved hand history and site installation detection. Fixed invalid pot size errors in Winamax 3-way all-in hands. Fixed some jackpot hands showing an invalid pot size error.

Fixed player names as displaying lowercased in tooltips.

iHoldem Indicator Mac Poker Calculator

Color Range: Fixed zero not being a valid color range value. Fixed tournament hand column using incorrect field resulting in query errors. Fixed premium add-on stats not exporting with premium add-on reports when the report is saved. Fixed tournament export not including the tournament summary. Improved detection of divide by zero to prevent query errors. With the 4. NoteCaddy has worked very closely with us over the past months and is the first third-party app to utilize the new Max Value Software API which allows third-party apps to integrate into PokerTracker and provide access to the internal functionality of PokerTracker which was not previously available.

With this new API, third-party apps can better utilize the power of PokerTracker and provide innovative solutions that were not previously possible. Third Party App: Fixed bounty tournament importing with double buy-in's. Work around some jackpot hand histories with a 0. All-In Equity Stats: Included hands where villian raised hero all-in were incorrectly being excluded from All-In Equity stats. People's Poker: Improved import support of hand history text files provided by support.

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Table Detection: Fixed detecting some Greek tournaments. Fixed HUD preventing import from stopping when then replayer window is open.

PokerTH - Download poker for free

Resolved a crash that occurred when the main window is closed immediately following stopping auto-import. Resolved crash when importing an incomplete hand. Fixed import errors in bad beat jackpot hands due to 'contribution' line syntax change. Player Search: Fix searching for players with an underscore in their name with PostgreSQL 9. HUD Options: Removed previously supported sites that are no longer supported from being listed in profile select. Fixed issue with fastforward attempting to monitor the wrong program. Re-added hand and tagging menu which was accidentally removed in 4.

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Added support for 3-max tables. Setup Wizard: Move both. Download Now for Mac or Windows. Buy Now Instant and Secure. Bankroll chart The bankroll charts let you track your winnings over time. Leak detector Poker Copilot has a number of leak detectors. Hand replayer The built-in hand replayer lets you review critical hands.

Session overview Keep track of how long you play, and how you've been performing in your current playing session. What our customers say "I started using Poker Copilot a few weeks ago after a recommendation, and it paid for itself within hours. It's completely turned my game around.

You run a great site and have a great piece of software, and I know a lot of people who use your product and are happy with it. The best app for Mac users.

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I paid for it 4 days into the trial period. It had already paid for itself, it helped my game that much! The results have been amazing. I bought a license a few months ago and have to say, it blows every other Mac tracker out of the water. The HUD was great and the stat tracking was amazing.

software de poker para mac Software de poker para mac
software de poker para mac Software de poker para mac
software de poker para mac Software de poker para mac
software de poker para mac Software de poker para mac
software de poker para mac Software de poker para mac
software de poker para mac Software de poker para mac

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