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Setting Up an iOS Simulator on Your Mac

I guess it's a sim ulator. The difference is they have different compatibilities, so if you take an. My question is are there any iOS em ulators out there where I can install real apps from the App Store, or from an.

iOS 11 iPhone X using xCode's simulator, macOS 10 13 beta in VMWare on my PC, testing out iPad OS 11

There is a recently announced service Corellium that offers virtualised cloud instances of iOS. It's not publicly available yet though and no word of how much it will cost. I'm not aware of any way of running them on your desktop though other than the Xcode simulator.

It is the kind of thing I imagine Apple would have been quick to clamp down on in the past although there is lots of talk about the two app stores converging in the near future so who knows what will happen. Here is an article providing a guide on getting iOS 12 to the point of launchd and recoveryd running:. In it's current state it will not allow you to run apps but very interesting none the less and worth keeping an eye as Corellium still appears to be invite only.

The problem is that iOS is closed source. On the other hand, Android emulators exist due to android being open source. So, since Apple has not released its own emulator, it is quite unlikely that a true iOS emulator will exist as of now.

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It will open an iOS simulator that allows you to select which specific iOS device you want to emulate. This works in the latest versions of Mac I'm using High Sierra. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I couldn't find anything so any help or suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks! Christopher Cruttenden. The information in this document is deprecated in Xcode 9.

Where is the iPhone Simulator Installed?

Simulator app, available within Xcode, presents the iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch user interface in a window on your Mac computer. You interact with Simulator by using the keyboard and the mouse to emulate taps, device rotation, and other user actions. The chapter presents the basics of using Simulator.

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  8. You can perform these steps using your own iOS app or, if you do not have an app to use, with the HelloWorld sample code. For more detailed information on interacting with Simulator and using it to test and debug your apps, refer to the later chapters in this guide. There are two different ways to access Simulator through Xcode. The first way is to run your app in Simulator, and the second way is to launch Simulator without running an app.

    When testing an app in Simulator, it is easiest to launch and run your app in Simulator directly from your Xcode project. Xcode builds your project and then launches the most recent version of your app running in Simulator on your Mac screen, as shown in Figure Figure shows an iPhone 6 and a 42mm watch running in two different simulators.


    Running the tvOS target launches the most recent version of your app in a simulated new Apple TV device, as shown in Figure At times, you may want to launch Simulator without running an app. This approach is helpful if you want to test how your app launches from the Home screen of a device or if you want to test a web app in Safari on a simulated iOS device. From the Home screen, you have access to all of the apps that are installed in the simulation environment.

    There are two ways to access the Home screen in Simulator from your app:. For example, if you are testing a game, you can use Simulator to ensure that the game is using Game Center correctly. After clicking the Home button or accessing the Home screen through the Hardware menu , you arrive at the second page of the Home screen.

    View the Installed Apps

    To get to the first page, where all of the preinstalled apps are found, swipe to the first Home screen by dragging to the right on the simulator screen. On the Home screen, you see that all of the apps that have been preloaded into Simulator. The apps that you see on the Home screen are specific to the iOS device simulation environment.

    The Home screen for a simulated watchOS device behaves the same as it would on an actual device. You can click and drag to simulate the finger dragging around the screen and launch an app by clicking on it. Figure shows the home screen of a 42mm watch with a developer app, the Lister sample code. From the Home screen, you can access Safari within Simulator. Use Safari to test your iOS web apps directly on your Mac. For example, type apple. Safari displays the Apple website. See Figure Simulator provides tools to assist you in debugging your apps.

    One of the many features you can debug in Simulator is location awareness within your app. The menu has items to simulate a static location or following a route.

    Xcode 4.3 to Xcode 5

    A simulated watchOS device with the location set to None checks the paired iPhone device for the location. In the window that appears, type the number After completing this task, notice that the blue dot representing your location is in New York, NY, near the Long Island Expressway, as shown in Figure

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